About Piñatex™

Made from pineapple leaf fibres, Piñatex™ is a branded natural and sustainable material which can be used as an alternative to existing textiles and leathers.
Developed and manufactured by Ananas Anam, our aim is to provide a unique and innovative textile that promotes social, cultural and ecological development.
Our philosophy is to establish a strong circular economy by developing a commercially successful business that supports local farming communities.


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A smart material

Piñatex is a strong, versatile, breathable, soft, light, flexible textile that can be easily printed on, stitched and cut.

Piñatex is being made into footwear and fashion accessories and can be used in interiors, furnishings and the car and aeronautic industries.

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From Pineapple to Puma

Move over leather - there is a new kid on the textile block!


What people are saying about Piñatex

  • "Piñatex is one of those rare products of design thinking that hits all the sustainability buttons at once: it is a material that is completely cradle to cradle, it substitutes leather that has a very heavy environmental and welfare impact, and it brings new income streams to subsistence farmers, allowing them to fully utilise their crops. The implementation of Piñatex will have far-reaching societal and environmental benefits."

    Clare Brass, Head of SustainRCA
  • “I have worked with Ananas Anam for over 5 years and helped to develop their scientific understanding of their product. I have always felt that they are keen to develop the knowledge and understanding that science can bring to the development of a product. I have no doubt that Piñatex is a worthy product and the new developments will have a sound scientific basis.”

    Dr Graham Ormondroyd, Head of Materials Research, Bangor University