Ananas Anam features in RE:TV Documentary

ANANAS ANAM, the textile brand driving sustainable innovation using pineapple leaf fibre, are proud to be featured as a solution for the climate crisis in a new documentary by RE:TV.


ANANAS ANAM, innovators of commercial textile solutions made from agricultural waste, are delighted to announce that the story of their pioneering next-gen materials has been brought to life in a new documentary by RE:TV; a platform founded by His Majesty King Charles III, inspired by his long-standing commitment to environmental issues.

London-based ANANAS ANAM is a B-Corp certified company responsible for developing proprietary technology to process pineapple leaves, a waste product of the pineapple harvest, to create the low-impact textile solutions ANAM PALF®, which also forms the base for their innovative textiles PIÑATEX® and PIÑAYARN®.

A premium fibre derived from the pineapple leaf, ANAM PALF® provides a traceable textile solution that supports farming communities and cooperatives in the Philippines, Bangladesh, and the Ivory Coast, and is sought after by global brands.

“Turning farm waste into sustainable clothes is absolutely part of the fashion revolution. What we really need to do is to see value in everything, there is no waste.” – Dr Carmen Hijosa, Founder and Chief Creative and Innovation Officer at Ananas Anam

From waste to fashion, see how the modest pineapple offers an inspiring solution to the climate and biodiversity crises.

View the full article at RE:TV | Image and video credits: RE:TV


With thanks to European Patent OfficeBBC StoryworksEco-Fresh Agro, Fabio Ziplies, Drew Veloric, Guo Pei, Benedetti Life, Tamasine Osher, Riva Cycles, Studio Irene van Ophoven, Nae Vegan for providing additional footage and images.