Ananas Anam is now Carbon Neutral with the help of Treedom


Ananas Anam is now carbon neutral, having reduced our carbon footprint by 42% and offset all remaining carbon emissions by planting an ANANAS ANAM forest across 6 developing countries.

We have partnered with a fellow BCorp certified company, Treedom to accomplish this feat. Since their foundation in 2010, they have planted over 1.7 million trees with the support of over 88,000 farmers across 17 countries. On top of this, the tree plantations have also provided training and employment to the locals, which gives them food security and fights economic and gender inequality.

This long term partnership ensures that Ananas Anam is 100% carbon neutral and continues to lead on sustainability within the plant-based materials industry.

We are proud to team up with such a conscious organisation and are excited for what is to come!