Ananas Anam Launches Anam PALF

Introducing Anam PALF: the textile-grade fibre made from pineapple leaves.

Ananas Anam, the textile innovators that brought low-impact textile solutions Piñatex and Piñayarn to the market, announce the launch of their premium textile-grade fibre Anam PALF®.

Already used across their existing textile products Piñatex and Piñayarn, Ananas Anam are pleased to make Anam PALF available to the textile market to provide an essential solution for the climate crisis.

Anam PALF is produced using Ananas Anam’s own technology and traceable supply chain, with a unique proprietary method to process the pineapple leaf fibres to premium textile grade. With no bleaching, no pulping, and no dyeing, the fibres undergo an enzymatic process to remove impurities from without any harmful chemicals, while the remainder of the process to create the textile-grade fibre is fully mechanical.

Anam PALF is traceable from plant to product and comes with a Certificate of Origin. The premium fibres are strong and durable, and as the composition is mostly cellulose, they are easy to dye using natural or conventional dyes. Due to Ananas Anam’s unique processing, Anam PALF remains in its most natural form and processed to a staple fibre grade, helping to mitigate microfiber pollution.

Anam PALF is the key ingredient in Ananas Anam’s products Piñatex and Piñayarn, creating positive  impact as a traceable fibre made from agricultural waste. With the launch of Anam PALF onto the textile market, Ananas Anam are looking forward to seeing collaborations that will expand the positive social and environmental impact of Anam PALF.

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