Ananas Anam Launches Low-Impact Yarn


Ananas Anam, the brand that brought you the pioneering plant-based textile Piñatex® is excited to introduce the next textile innovation made from pineapple leaf fibre!

Introducing Piñayarn

Piñayarn offers a 100% plant-based, recyclable, and biodegradable textile solution for a world otherwise dominated by petroleum-based textiles and resource intense virgin fibres.

By repurposing waste leaves that would usually be burnt after the pineapple harvest, innovative technologies are used to extract the natural fibres and blend with other plant-based fibres into yarns for the textile market. The spinning technology used to create Piñayarn uses no water and zero harmful chemicals, making a naturally breathable and biodegradable yarn, with a low environmental impact.

Complementing the existing product offering of Ananas Anam, Piñayarn provides a second solution to support brands with reducing their environmental impact.

As a versatile yarn, Piñayarn can be tailored to suit multiple applications across the fashion, footwear, and interior industries. Piñayarn has already captured the interest of global brands and innovators, with exciting collaborations emerging soon.

Dr Carmen Hijosa, Founder of Ananas Anam, says, “Developing a yarn that uses the same repurposed waste pineapple leaves was always a natural step after inventing Piñatex. The global pandemic accelerated this development as we worked on creating a yarn for biodegradable face coverings. It became imminently obvious that the yarn’s credentials would make a positive impact in the fashion and footwear industries.”

By operating with a social agenda and transparent supply chain, Ananas Anam ensures that Piñayarn is kind to people and planet.

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