Ananas Anam partners with EcoFresh Agro

Ananas Anam partners with family-owned pineapple plantation EcoFresh Agro to repurpose pineapple leaf waste in Bangladesh.

At Ananas Anam, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with family-owned pineapple plantation EcoFresh Agro in Bangladesh. With a unified vision, our companies have plans to repurpose all pineapple leaf waste at the plantation and have no waste by 2024.

The partnership brings socio-economic development in the rural areas of Bangladesh by creating jobs and diversifying income streams. It has, so far, created 100+ jobs for the farm and community, supplying an additional revenue stream for the pineapple farmers. The farm is led by female CEO Samia Farhana and 80% of those employed are women.

Our aim is to connect on a deep level with the people we work with and to build ecosystems that are bound together, which can symbiotically grow together in order to bring about positive changes to the world. With EcoFresh Agro’s partnership we align our vision to promote social, ecological and cultural development.