Ananas Anam partners with Tearfil

Textile innovators Ananas Anam are delighted to share their new partnership with visionary Portuguese spinning mill, Tearfil, to bring low-impact plant-based solutions to the textile industry.

Through the partnership, Ananas Anam becomes Tearfil’s carefully selected fibre partner, offering specialist knowledge and unique processing of pineapple leaf fibre to create new sustainable yarns.

Tearfil has worked closely with Ananas Anam on the research and development of PIÑAYARN® and the further optimisation of ANAM PALF® pineapple leaf fibre for the dry spinning process.

The partnership provides opportunities for Tearfil to develop sustainable yarns created from ANAM PALF® in a closed-loop production, using their dry spinning technology that ensures zero waste and uses zero harmful chemicals. Meanwhile Ananas Anam is able to offer their customers the best access to high-quality, dry spun yarns and help to bring new natural materials to the market and end-consumers.

“At Ananas Anam we are delighted to partner with Tearfil, with whom we share values, purpose and the vision for a sustainable future within the textile industry. Through our partnership we will bring innovative solutions to the market at industrial scale, creating positive social and environmental impact together.”- Manel Echevarria, CEO Ananas Anam

“At Tearfil, we are committed to support those who pursue real sustainable materials solutions. We believe that by learning from collaborations it will be possible to create a better, greener future for all. Our partnership and scalability efforts with Ananas Anam proves that, by working together, we can make a real, meaningful impact.”- Belém Machado, CEO Tearfil

Tearfil will showcase Anam PALF at Premiere Vision Paris, 6th – 8th February 2024, Booth 6E64.

About Ananas Anam

Ananas Anam is a B-Corp certified company responsible for developing innovative plant-based textiles disrupting the world of fashion materials and leading the way in sustainability. Their pioneering approach and progressive business model are driven by creative thinking, seeking out new ingenious technologies, and showing that ethics and business can be combined successfully.  Ananas Anam’s instinctive and heartfelt desire is to protect and nurture; thereby building a better future for people and planet.

About Tearfil

Tearfil is a visionary spinning mill, rooted in Portugal since 1973. Recognising their key role in the textile sector, they are committed to building a more connected, honest and responsible industry. Blending their solid know-how, with best fibre ingredients, such as Anam PALF®, and their customers’ progressive ideas, Tearfil’s mission is to create the smartest, cleanest, most sustainable yarn solutions yet.