Ananas Anam’s 2021 Impact Report

Ananas Anam’s 2021 Impact Report is here!

We are proud to share with you our second Impact Report as a certified B-Corporation and to be part of the B-Corp community leading the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

At Ananas Anam, we aim to reduce the environmental impact generated by the textile industry, while having a high social impact on rural farming communities. Through agricultural waste valorisation, we give a second life to natural resources otherwise considered as waste; turning these into textiles and supporting the shift towards a more circular economy.

Ananas Anam’s instinctive and heartfelt desire is to protect and nurture, thereby building a better future for people and planet. Evaluating our impact presents us with the opportunity to reflect on our journey so far; celebrating our successes and identifying areas we can continue to evolve.

Our success is the result of collaborations at every stage, so it is with great thanks to the global Ananas Anam team, our partners, our clients, and the community who have supported the Ananas Anam and Piñatex journey so far, here’s to another great year ahead.

With best wishes.
The Ananas Anam team.

Download the Impact Report here