Carolina Herrera x Piñatex

Carolina Herrera uses metallic Piñatex to create the Táchira Bag; a shining example of conscious luxury.

Piñatex, a premium textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibres gathered after the fruit harvest, is used in the new Táchira Bag by Carolina Herrera, which takes its name from the mountains of Venezuela where the sweetest pineapple is grown.

Piñatex is made from Anam PALF® (textile-grade pineapple leaf fibre by Ananas Anam) which has a low environmental impact and requires no additional land, water, or pesticides to be grown.

Anam PALF provides value to waste leaves that would often otherwise be burned after the pineapple harvest, and as such prevents the release of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In using the leaf residue of the pineapple fruit harvest, Piñatex brings positive social impact to pineapple farming communities by providing a second and diversified income stream to the farmers, while also enabling job creation in rural areas of the Philippines, Bangladesh and the Ivory Coast.

The Táchira Bag is ethically handcrafted in Spain from low-impact materials including Piñatex. Its stitching, with Carolina’s 2020 initials, is made in collaboration with artisans with disabilities.

Available in metallic black, gold and silver, the Táchira Bag is versatile with removable metallic straps that can also transform into a necklace or bracelets.