Certified by Science

Traceable. Ethical. Sustainable. Low-impact. Vegan. Socially positive. We are certified.

At Ananas Anam, we are committed to making low-impact products to benefit our planet, people, and animals. Our sustainable practices are supported by science-based and industry-recognised certifications, demonstrating our pledge to create a business and products that fight for a better planet. In working with our certified textile solutions Piñatex® and Piñayarn®, we provide you with the confidence that you’re using ethically and ecologically responsible materials.

Certifications support our ethical business practices.


Ananas Anam is B-Corp certified, which means that we strive to do business better, balancing people, planet and profit. The B-Corp certification measures our efforts and verifies that we meet high social and environmental standards, from farm to factory.


SME Climate Hub

We are committed to reducing our emissions and impact at Ananas Anam. Through SME Climate Hub, we have pledged to take climate action and build a resilient business for the future, reducing our carbon footprint by an additional 15% in 2022 alone.


PALF Certificate of Origin

The PALF (pineapple leaf fibre) that all Ananas Anam products are made from has a Certificate of Origin, proving its traceability back to our partner farms and farming groups. Our PALF also has a composition test to verify the fibres originate from pineapple leaves.

Piñatex is PETA Approved Vegan, certified by the Vegan Society and REACH Compliant

Piñatex is a 100% Vegan product, endorsed with certifications from both PETA and the Vegan Society. Piñatex is also REACH compliant, providing the assurance that it is free from harmful chemicals, as verified through testing performed by an independent laboratory.

Piñayarn is OEKO-TEX Certified, Made in the EU and spun by a Certified ISO Company

The spinning of Piñayarn is certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, confirming through independent laboratory testing and auditing that it is free from harmful substances. Piñayarn is also Made in the EU and spun by a Certified ISO Company.

We are pleased to share that all of our products have now been certified Vegan by both PETA and the Vegan Society!

Our products have always reflected our belief in creating materials that are kind to our planet and the creatures we share it with, with Piñatex pioneering the way for plant-based Vegan textiles in 2016 and holding PETA Approved Vegan status ever since. The recent introduction of Piñayarn has furthered our plant-based textile offering, providing another low-impact textile solution with a 100% Vegan guarantee from PETA and the Vegan Society.

Our independent certifications validate the actions we take at Ananas Anam towards creating a business and products that fight for a better planet.

By choosing Piñatex and Piñayarn, you can trust that you are receiving a verified low-impact, traceable and ethical textile product.

Please email us at info@ananas-anam.com to find out more about our certifications.