Dole partners with Ananas Anam to achieve Zero Waste goal


Our goal as a company is to scale up our production so that we can meet the demand for our product. This is why we are very happy to announce that Dole Sunshine Company has partnered with Ananas Anam to achieve their #zerowaste goal.

Through the collection and extraction of fibre from pineapple leaves from its farms in Philippines, one of the largest pineapple plantations in the world, Dole is not only taking another step toward its promise of zero fruit loss by 2025 but is also contributing to a world where sustainable material alternatives, such as #Piñatex, are becoming increasingly important as global lifestyle brands look for these alternatives for their products.

“I believe to create tangible solutions and real systemic change to address this issue, we need to converge our purpose with creativity, innovation, and technology. Our partnership with Ananas Anam coupled with global lifestyle brands’ use of this innovation truly bring this convergence to life in a new way.” – Pier Luigi Sigismondi, Global President, Dole Sunshine Company

“Through our partnership with Dole, our entity in the Philippines will access a much larger volume of pineapple leaf fibres, to meet the ever-increasing demand for Piñatex® not only in fashion, but also in the upholstery and automotive sectors. Working closely with Dole’s teams on the ground will help us to create a wider positive social impact among farming communities and to continuously reduce our environmental footprint by valorising waste at scale”, said Melanie Broyé-Engelkes, CEO of Ananas Anam.

“At Ananas Anam, we aim at meeting the challenges of our times by developing innovative products in which commercial success is integrated with, and promotes, social, ecological and cultural development. By connecting on a deep level with the people we work with, we build ecosystems that are bound together, symbiotically grow together in order to bring about positive changes into the world”, said Dr Carmen Hijosa, Founder and Chief Creative & Innovation Officer at Ananas Anam.

Partial video credits to European Patent Office