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Please find answers to some frequently asked questions below.

General Questions

A. Ananas Anam is the company who manufacture, market and sell Piñatex. Ananas Anam’s HQ is in London, UK, with subsidiaries in both the Philippines and Spain.
A. Piñatex is a non-woven textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre suitable for use across fashion & accessories, soft interiors and automotive applications.
A. Piñatex Original - €50 per linear metre

Piñatex Original Pluma – €45 per linear metre

Piñatex Mineral – €55 per linear metre

Piñatex Metallic – €58 per linear metre

Piñatex Performance – €35 per linear metre

A. 1 linear metre per colour
A. Material dimension 1 metre x 1.55 metres

Original/Pluma/Mineral usable width 1 metre x 1.50 metres

Metallic usable width 1 metre x 1.45 metres

Performance usable width 1 metre x 1.40 metres

A. Depending on stock availability, orders are typically shipped from Spain within 3-5 working days once payment has been made. Orders are shipped using UPS.
A. Yes, Piñatex is shipped worldwide from Spain using UPS. However, orders to be shipped to Turkey, India and Myanmar are only able to be processed manually so please contact us at info@ananas-anam.com to facilitate your order. Any additional taxes, duties, customs fees applied at local customs are the sole responsibility of the customer. For more information on local customs, duties, taxes and import charges please contact your local customs office.
A. Piñatex is sourced in the Philippines and finished in Spain and Italy. Piñatex is shipped worldwide from Spain.
A. Piñatex is cut, packaged and sent with UPS from Spain.
A. Shipping fees are auto-calculated at check out on our online store and are dependent on destination and the order amount (weight/dimensions of package). Note: we are offered extremely competitive rates through our business account at UPS.
A. No. As a small company we are unable to deviate from our standard shipping practice.
A. We work with hundreds of brands worldwide who make a variety of products from fashion and accessories to upholstered pieces. You can browse our Products Page and search our #MadeFromPiñatex hashtag on Instagram too.
A. We do not supply offcuts or remnants for free, however we will have a ‘remnants’ sale which goes live every January and summer time. Please Subscribe to our Newsletter & follow us on Instagram to keep yourself updated on this news!
A. As we are a small team, we are unable to answer or grant each and every student request we receive. Therefore, we have designed and developed our website to be as informative as possible for Students like you to extract relevant information you may need for your paper or project.
A. We are not able to offer sponsorship at this time.
A. We do not offer student discounts. Sign up to our newsletter to find out about end of roll/remnant sales which happen throughout the year.
A. Please sign up to our newsletter through our website.
A. Thank you! Please send your full details to info@ananas-anam.com with ‘Fibre Supplier Request’ as your subject line.

Technical Questions

A. No. Piñatex is a textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre which can be used as an alternative to leather and other synthetic materials. Piñatex provides a better choice for a better future. The term leather is reserved for animal hides only.
A. Yes, Piñatex is PETA approved and registered by the Vegan Society.
A. Original/Pluma/Mineral – MOQ 200LM and one fixed cost of 120EUR for colour lab dip tests which must be based on a pantone.

Metallic – MOQ 200LM and one fixed cost of 120EUR based on pantone

Performance - MOQ 200LM and one fixed cost of 50EUR based on pantone colour choice NOTE: lab dip tests take between 2-3 weeks from receipt of payment.

A. Please visit our About Us page to learn more about the process of making Piñatex.
A. Piñatex is not 100% biodegradable. The substrate/base material of Piñatex (made from 80% pineapple leaf fibre, 20% PLA) is biodegradable under controlled industry conditions.
A. PLA (polylactic acid) is a vegetable-based plastic material made from corn starch which comes from a renewable source.
A. Please refer to our technical specification sheet for more information about our material’s characteristics, which can be downloaded from our website in the Sales + Sampling section titled Technical Tests
A. A water-based PU resin which is REACH compliant.
A. We use GOTS certified pigments to colour Piñatex
A. Yes, but as with any natural fibre, you cannot subject our material to temperatures above 120°C for long periods of time.
A. Piñatex is sold as a fully finished product with top coating added to it already. Therefore, no surface or colour manipulation is authorised to ensure that composition, strength and technical characteristics remain at a Piñatex standard.
A. Please refer to our Technical Specification sheet for more information, which can be downloaded from our website in the Sales + Sampling section in the Technical Tests section
A. Piñatex Original/Pluma/Mineral/Metallic are water resistant, not waterproof. Piñatex Performance is waterproof.
A. We recommend using a natural colourless wax to keep Piñatex Original/Pluma looking hydrated. Apply your wax of choice sparingly with a clean cloth and leave to dry.
A. Both Piñatex Original and Piñatex Performance comprise of the same base material, Piñafelt®, which is made from 80% waste pineapple leaf fibre and 20% PLA. The coating of Piñatex Original/Pluma/Mineral is a water-based PU resin which comprises of 10% of the total material composition. The coating of Piñatex Performance is a high solid PU and bio-based PU which comprises of 42% of the material composition. Both are REACH compliant.
A. The base of Piñatex Performance is biodegradable, which represents 58% of the total composition.
A. The PU used in our coating is REACH compliant which means we have no detectable volatile compounds within the collection. We have optimised the maximum amount of bio-based PU we can use while still ensuring longevity to our materials.


A. Swatch Cards are sent from Spain using UPS
A. Swatch cards are sent from Spain on a weekly basis and can take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Please use your trakcing number sent by email to track your Swatch Card delivery status.
A. Sometimes swatch cards can get held up in customs in certain countries (eg. USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Latin America and Turkey) so please bear with your local customs office as they clear your swatch card through their system and hand over to the local courier company for delivery. We request for your patience if ordering outside the UK, EU.

Care Instructions

Like anything natural, Piñatex® will evolve as it ages and products #MadeFromPiñatex require some care to keep them in top condition. We recommend you gently wax products with a natural colourless wax when the surface needs to be refreshed.