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Please find answers to some frequently asked questions below.

General Questions

A. Ananas Anam is the company who manufacture and sell Piñatex. ‘Ananas’ is the word for pineapple in many languages, ‘Anam’ is the Irish word for ‘Soul’.The HQ is based in London UK and has extended teams based in both the Philippines and Spain.
A. Piñatex is a natural, non-woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibre.It is a soft, versatile, lightweight and durable material, making it suitable for use across fashion, soft interiors, automotive and other applications.
A. ORIGINAL RANGE €50 / linear metreCharcoal / Natural / Brown / Paprika / Pebble Grey / Washed Indigo / CanelaPLUMA (Thinner Version of Piñatex Original)  €45 / linear metrePLUMA CharcoalORO RANGE €58 / linear metreFlat Gold / Flat Silver / Wrinkled Gold / Wrinkled Silver

Prices are valid as of May 2019. Prices may change.

A. 1 linear metre per colour
A. Piñatex is commercially available to brands, designers and students who make products compatible with our vision and values.Piñatex is not available to buy in fabric stores or through distributors at this stage.All sales requests must be submitted through the online sales enquiry form on our website in the Sales & Sampling page.
A. Once an official order has been placed and confirmation of payment has been received, Ananas Anam ship Piñatex worldwide from Spain between 2-5 working days depending on stock availability.
A. Yes. Ananas Anam send Piñatex worldwide from Spain using UPS however the shipping cost and any additional customs fees are the sole responsibility of the customer, as well as any requests for additional certificates or customs documentation.Ananas Anam has no control over any additional taxes and/or import duties applied to the delivery of your order.For more information on customs, duties, taxes and other import charges, please contact your local customs office.
A. The journey of Piñatex starts in the Philippines where we work closely with pineapple plantations and local farming communities which is where the pineapple leaves, a by-product of pre-existing agriculture industry, are collectedThe leaves (of the plant, not the fruit) are processed to extract the fibres and these are manufactured into a non-woven substrate.This substrate is then sent to Spain where it is finished into Piñatex and sent worldwide from a 3rd party fulfilment centre.
A. Piñatex is cut, packaged and sent with UPS from a 3rd party fulfilment centre based in Spain.
A. The shipping fee applied to the purchase of Piñatex is auto calculated at check out on our online store and is dependant on the amount ordered and delivery destination.We use a business account with UPS and are offered extremely competitive rates.
A. No. As a small company we are unable to deviate from our standard shipping protocol.
A. The handling fee applied to the purchase of Piñatex reflects the cutting, packaging and preparation of the order ready for collection by our 3rd party fulfilment centre.
A. We are working with many wonderful brands and designers worldwide, so you are sure to find something you love! Find a full list of current designers working with Piñatex on the Products page (click here), and you can search #MadeFromPiñatex on Instagram too (click here for Instagram).
A. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we encourage you to read all available information here. If you have not found an answer to your question or a bespoke request, please allow 48 hours for our customer service team to get back to you. Please follow Piñatex on Facebook and @pinatex on Instagram for regular updates.
A. Piñatex is a patent protected product and therefore cannot be replicated.
A. Ananas Anam is the sole distributor and manufacturer of Piñatex worldwide. We are a B2B company and as such deal directly with the brands we work with. We are not yet looking for official distributors.
A. No, we are unable to send out snippets, single swatches, off cuts. Please click here to order a Swatch Card.
A. No. You can purchase a Sample Catalogue which includes 8 swatches submit a sales enquiry for our MOQ 1LM for prototyping.
A. We do not supply offcuts or remnants for free, however we will have a ‘remnants’ sale which goes live every January and summer time. Please Subscribe to our Newsletter & follow us on Instagram to keep yourself updated on this news!
A. As we are a small team, we are unable to answer or grant each and every student request we receive. Therefore, we have designed and developed our website to be as informative as possible for Students like you to extract relevant information you may need for your paper or project.
A. We are not able to offer sponsorship at this time.
A. We are unable to provide any student discounts but lowered our MOQ to 1LM for you! Click here for more information.
A. Please sign up to our newsletter through our website.
A. Thank you for the support! We are excited about the potential to source fibre from pineapple farming regions all over the world.Please send your full enquiry to info@ananas-anam.com

Technical Questions

A. 1 linear metre = 1 metre (Length) x 1.55 metres (Width)
A. No. Piñatex is a non-woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibre which can be used as an alternative to leather and other synthetic materials which provides a better choice for a better future. The term leather is reserved for animal hides only.
A. Yes. Piñatex is a vegan and PETA approved product. No animal by-products are used in any stage of the production.
A. Ananas Anam can offer custom colour runs on the Original range.Original Series Custom Colour Details
  • The MOQ for a custom colour run on the Original series is 55 linear metres (+/- 10%) and requires a pre-payment of 120EUR/colour to conduct a lab colour dip-test. The lab dip-test will be sent to you within 2-3 weeks from confirmation of payment.
If Ananas Anam is able to link the custom colour request to our own monthly production run, there is no fixed cost involved after the dip-test fee.If you require a custom colour outside of our own production run it would entail a fixed cost of 1000 EUR and can take up to 3 weeks of the confirmation of the pre-paid lab dip-test.
A. Please visit our About Us page to learn more about the process of making Piñatex.
A. Piñatex substrate is made of natural fibres and polylactic acid fibres (PLA) which is 100% biodegradable. The resins we currently use for the coating are petroleum based and as such are currently not biodegradable. We are excited to be working on a bio-based coating which will take Piñatex to the forefront of sustainability.
A. PLA (polylactic acid) is a thermoplastic polymer synthesised from a renewable source.
A. Please refer to our technical specification sheet for more information about our material’s characteristics, which can be downloaded from our website in the Sales + Sampling section titled Technical Tests
A. The coating we use is a petroleum-based resin that complies with AFIRM standards.
A. We use GOTS certified pigments to dye Piñatex.
A. Yes, but as with any natural fibre, you cannot subject our material to temperatures above 120°C for long periods of time.
A. Piñatex is sold as a fully finished product with top coating added to it already. Therefore, no surface or colour manipulation is authorised to ensure that composition, strength and technical characteristics remain at a Piñatex standard.
A. Please refer to our Technical Specification sheet for more information, which can be downloaded from our website in the Sales + Sampling section in the Technical Tests section
A. Piñatex is water resistant, not waterproof. To keep Piñatex waterproof we recommend regular application of a waterproofing spray.
A. Reproofing with a colourless wax dressing can extend the life of Piñatex. Simply heat a tin of wax dressing and apply sparingly with a clean cloth and then leave to dry. Please see Care Instructions for more details.


A. A swatch card is a booklet which contains 8 swatches of Piñatex measuring 5cm x 6cm in size. The 8 swatches include Charcoal, Natural, Brown and Paprika, Flat Gold and Silver and Wrinkled Gold and Silver. Click here to order.
A. Ananas Anam send swatch cards from London using Royal Mail on a weekly basis.
A. Ananas Anam send Swatch Card orders on a weekly basis (usually every Wednesday) from London using Royal Mail delivery service.It usually takes 3-5 working days to arrive after sending within the UK and EU. Rest of world between 5-9 days.Royal Mail ceases to be responsible for your swatch card order once it arrives in the country of destination, the local courier company will then assume responsibility in delivering your item.
A. Sometimes swatch cards can get held up in customs in certain countries (eg. USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Latin America and Turkey) so please bear with your local customs office as they clear your swatch card through their system and hand over to the local courier company for delivery. We request for your patience if ordering outside the UK, EU.

Care Instructions

Like anything natural, Piñatex® will evolve as it ages and products #MadeFromPiñatex require some care to keep them in top condition. We recommend you gently wax products with a natural colourless wax when the surface needs to be refreshed.