H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection 2019

We are thrilled to announce our most recent collaboration with H&M on the Conscious Exclusive Collection for 2019. The collection is inspired by the beauty of the natural world which surrounds us and uses a range of low-impact, natural materials such as Piñatex®, BLOOMFoam and Orange Fiber®.

No single person, brand or company alone can tackle the challenges the Fashion Industry faces which is why collaboration is key. The focus is on providing the solutions that will enable us to achieve a more sustainable future in fashion and celebrating these milestone achievements where change has been implemented. We applaud H&M for embracing the world of alternative materials, making sustainable fashion accessible.

As we learn and grow together as companies and consumers, we can make a difference.

Jacket and Boots using silver Piñatex will officially be available in approximately 100 stores worldwide from April 11th 2019.