Meet the Team: Ceri Anne Rees

Introduce yourself!

Hello, I am from Wiltshire, I studied Fashion Marketing and Communications at Nottingham Trent University after an Art Foundation at the University of Gloucestershire with a focus on design.

What does Piñatex® mean to you?

Piñatex® means the opportunity to work towards leaving the world in a better place than I found it. It means being part of creating a solution, not just being aware of a problem. It means sticking up for what you believe in and proving it. It means true grit, perseverance and vision. It means not giving up and it means patience. Piñatex® means the world to me.

What’s your personal everyday sustainability hack?

It may not be an everyday hack, but since working at Ananas Anam I have a much more considered approach to buying apparel. I am trying (daily) to retrain my brain into truly understanding and accepting that in life, less really is more.