Meet the Team: Claire

Claire - Communications & PR Manager

Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Claire, the Communications & PR Manager at Ananas Anam. My job is to share the story of Piñatex® and make sure everyone from designers to press to supply partners – and of course people who are generally interested – can access the information they need. I plan our brand communication so that everyone can follow our journey, learn about the positive ecological impact of Piñatex® and get inspired to make a better choice for a better future.

Adding to the very international mix of our team I’m from Australia – I grew up in Perth (and yes, I miss the coastline!), studied a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) at RMIT in Melbourne and have a background in visual communications. I’m holistically very interested in health and wellbeing – I “quit” the fashion industry for a few years to study physiotherapy, but have clearly been drawn back and am excited to be part of a positive change.

What does Piñatex® mean to you?

To me Piñatex® represents a seismic shift in a broken industry. I’m a firm believer that, as both individuals and business, we need to take responsibility to make our future sustainable, in the true sense of the word – able to sustain. Piñatex® is an innovation that approaches this in multiple layers, addressing both earth and people with equal value. It’s an incredible product with an incredible ethos.

What’s your personal everyday sustainability hack?

Live with a capsule wardrobe, carry a reusable water bottle (I love S’well bottles) and always take the stairs!