Meet the Team: Emma Liberman

Emma - General Manager

Introduce yourself! 
Emma Liberman.  I’m from Scotland but have lived in London for many years.
My role at Ananas Anam is General Manager, so I support all aspects of the business and management, though have contributed predominantly to Operations since joining the company.
My degree was in Electrical Engineering. 

What does Piñatex mean to you?
Piñatex seems to be a product that has arrived at the same time as a great hunger for sustainable textiles – a fortunate meeting.  To me, it feels like a flag-carrier for conscious and responsible choices.  The Cradle-to-Cradle concept is very demanding, but has to be worth striving for; who knows what new, imaginative and healing solutions will be reached through making this natural, versatile and tangible product?

What’s your personal everyday sustainability hack?
That’s a new term on me, but if I understand it correctly, then having a non-plastic bag handy for shopping is my everyday contribution.