Meet the Team: Tatiana Dubios

Tatiana - R&D Manager

Introduce yourself!

My name is Tatiana. I was raised both in France and Spain and been living for 4 years in London. I graduated from a BA in International Relations at Queen Mary (UoL) in 2016. I am currently in the Research & Development department as project manager. I work alongside Dr. Carmen Hijosa to optimise Piñatex® Original to meet different industries requirements, have new finishes and to work on the circularity of our product.

What does Piñatex® mean to you?

Piñatex® means positivity and hope to me. The before, now and after stages of the product are equally important and that’s the way products should be designed.

What’s your personal everyday sustainability hack?

Cycle everywhere, avoid ordering online (but sometimes the London schedule wins out – Ceri saw me doing it once!), try not to buy in supermarkets and buy at my local shop