Meet the Team: Yuka Akiyama

Introduce yourself! 
Hello, I’m Yuka from Japan, Hokkaido. I’m an international final year student at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University/University of Hertfordshire, and I study International Administration. I work at Ananas Anam as an intern in the Sales and Marketing team.

What does Piñatex® mean to you?
I believe that Piñatex® means great innovative products have lots of possibilities to change the world going forward. When I first found out about Piñatex® I was so amazed by the fact that it’s innovative and has great social and environmental impact. More than that, Piñatex® is being developed every day by the great team and it is not only an innovative sustainable material but also becoming recognised by many industries!

What’s your personal everyday sustainability hack?
I usually buy organic/bio/fair trade products or fresh foods such as vegetables at the market since I love to cook and I’m a health-minded person. I feel that it’s important, as a consumer, to choose the right products to reduce the environmental and social impact – it is one way to move the world forward in a sustainable way. Since I’ve got an interest in sustainable fashion I tend to care more about from whom or where I’m getting product from.