Meet the Designer – Michal Kaliski, Skos Modern

Meet the Designer - Michal Kaliski, Skos Modern

Introduce yourself!

I’ve always been attracted to good design as I grew up surrounded by well-designed objects. I’ve found my first vintage treasures in an apartment I was about to sell while working for a real-estate agent w few years ago. Before SKOS I founded Landschaft, a coffee shop in Bydgoszcz, Poland that we’ve furnished with Polish vintage icons. I used to renovate all of them, at the same time helping my friend at Sztuka Mebla with renovation and merchandising retro furniture. That was when I decided to go for it and take up restoration of collected pieces full-time. Thus SKOS was born 😉

What are your core brand values?

We bring vintage furniture back to their new future and give them a chance to shine again. At SKOS we seek for old furniture that we give new life to. We believe in preserving their history and respect all original materials as well as the visions of their designers.

What’s your personal everyday sustainability hack?

Our philosophy is to bring new future to vintage pieces. I strongly believe in giving new life to used furniture, especially ones that would otherwise end up in trash. I try to save as much from the original as possible. Almost all of my furniture is renovated by hand, by me or friendly craftsmen. This way SKOS has no negative impact on the environment at the same time activating local society and its professionals.

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Skos Modern Chair using gold Piñatex

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