Meet the Filipino Pinyahan Team!

We have introduced some of our UK based team and would like to now introduce you to some of the people at the very beginning of our supply chain and start of the Piñatex journey.

Pinyahan is the Filipino word used to describe a place where pineapples are grown and for Ananas Anam, it is also the word we use to describe where our pineapple leaf fibre is extracted. We are delighted to introduce you to the Fibre Technicians who make up the Pinyahan team in the Philippines, where the journey begins.

Our Founder & visionary Dr Carmen Hijosa recently visited the Pinyahan team who are passionate about creating social, cultural and economic opportunities for themselves and their communities.

‘I like what I do now and I’m happy with the people I’m working with.’ This is what Walter told us when we asked what the best thing about being part of the Fibre Technician team. Walter has been working alongside Renato, Nepthalie, Ronald, Ruben and Reyan in the collection, decortication and washing of the pineapple leaves and fibres and it is thanks to their work that we have the extracted waste fibres to produce what is then transformed into Piñatex.

For Renato, soon to be father, becoming a fibre technician allowed him to be part of something meaningful, apart from being able to support his growing family.

How does Ruben feel about being part of the Piñatex adventure? “I am happy with my job. I love what we do most especially the machine repair and maintenance.” Ruben is a father of four teenagers and would like to become an agriculturist. Within Pinyahan, he is in charge of machine maintenance and the mechanics, but also of degumming the fibre.

Nepthalie has now been working at Pinyahan for 9 months. He aspires to become a cook specialising in Chinese food & was offered the job to work for Pinyahan after his previous company went bankrupt. His favourite aspect of his job is the good relationship with his teammates.

Reyan is 22 years old who had trouble finding a job due to not being able to complete his studies. Now Reyan is in charge of collecting the fibres from the machines with his co-worker Ronald who both feel like they work together harmoniously.

How would we summarise the Pinyahan team in three words? Respect, Support, Unity.

Ananas Anam work directly with the people involved throughout the Piñatex supply chain and believe that transparency is the first step towards both social and environmental responsibility.