Piñatex Chair wins PETA Award

Tamasine Osher’s Purton Chair in Piñatex has been awarded the ‘Best Statement Piece’ in PETA’s 2023 Vegan Homeware Awards, the seventh annual edition of the event.

PETA describe their choice for the award: “Pineapple leather is one of fashion’s favourite vegan fabrics – but home decor is catching up. Designer Tamasine Osher’s creation in planet-friendly Piñatex is proof that furniture can be sleek and sophisticated without harming animals.”

Tamasine Osher was an early adopter of Piñatex within the interiors space back in 2017. Continuing her use of the material, she now uses Piñatex as a textile option for her award-winning Purton Chair.

Piñatex is a PETA approved vegan textile, made from waste pineapple leaf fibre. It contains up to 95% renewable and bio-based content, with a low environmental impact and positive social impact created through its traceable production.

Piñatex originally pioneered the way for plant-based and cruelty-free textiles for many fashion brands and its use is now growing within the interiors industry. From the world’s first ever vegan hotel suite at Hilton London Bankside, to dining in Selfridges London, and to award-winning chair design by Tamasine Osher, Piñatex is fast becoming the vegan material of choice for many interior design experts.

Image credits: Tamasine Osher