Piñayarn® by Ananas Anam is an innovative and low impact yarn, made from waste pineapple leaves.

Piñayarn offers a 100% plant-based, recyclable, and biodegradable textile solution for a world otherwise dominated by petroleum-based textiles and resource intense virgin fibres.



Working alongside nature, Piñayarn is kind to people and planet.

Pineapple Leaf Fibre

The pineapple leaf fibres used to create Piñayarn are an agricultural waste product, which means that no extra land, water or pesticides are required to produce the raw material.

Through waste valorisation, Piñayarn reduces the amount of pineapple leaves being burnt which saves the equivalent of up to 6 kg of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere per 1 kg of yarn produced.

Key Benefits of Piñayarn

Sustainable and Resource Efficient Production

By repurposing waste leaves that would usually be burnt after the pineapple harvest, innovative technologies are used to extract the natural fibres and blend with other plant-based fibres into yarns for the textile market.

Piñayarn is created in a closed-loop production ensuring zero waste. The dry spinning technology used to produce Piñayarn needs no water and zero harmful chemicals, making a naturally breathable and biodegradable yarn, with a low environmental impact.

Piñayarn Applications

Piñayarn offers a natural choice for textiles, using 100% plant-based fibres for a compostable and biodegradable yarn.

Piñayarn is a versatile yarn with a customisable specification for both woven and jersey fabrics and can be tailored for use in many different products across the textile industry, specifically in the footwear, apparel and accessory markets.

Piñayarn is currently available in yarn sizes: Ne8, Ne10, Ne16, Ne20, available in 1 ply or 2 ply.

Piñayarn offers a high-performing, quality plant-based textile solution without compromising the health of people and the planet.


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