Tamasine Osher Spider Chair x Piñatex

Tamasine Osher launches an extension to her furniture line at Decorex International 2018 with Piñatex in Natural. Last year, she used Piñatex in Charcoal but this time around, she utilised our material in Natural which gave the chair a sleeker and more luxurious feel.

Known for her limited-edition furniture pieces, Tamasine Osher gained a lot of interest from buyers and press people alike because her pieces are inspired by merging nature and architecture together. Moreover, she seamlessly uses traditional methods alongside modern technology to create her one of a kind designs.

“We always try to use sustainable and ethical materials wherever possible and Piñatex has provided us with an incredible solution in terms of upholstery. It really is the perfect alternative to leather and pushes boundaries further with its own exceptional properties. Feedback from clients seems to support our view that Piñatex is at the forefront of sustainable textiles providing a unique luxurious high quality fabric that is also good for our planet.” Tamasine Osher