Cat Footwear x Piñatex

Piñatex partners with Cat Footwear for an eco-inspired collection of shoes designed to leave less footprint on the planet.

Cat Footwear have reimagined their iconic Intruder Shoe and Trespass Boot, this time with an eco-friendly and vegan vision that has been achieved through using the ethically sourced material PIÑATEX: a low-impact and certified vegan textile.

The upper construction uses PIÑATEX, a textile made from agricultural waste with a lower environmental impact than conventional materials or other plastic-derived vegan leather alternatives. By partnering with PIÑATEX, Cat Footwear can reduce the footprint on the planet without compromise on quality or style.

Cat Footwear x Piñatex Eco-Intruder shoe in Moroccan Blue

PIÑATEX is created from Anam PALF® (pineapple leaf fibre by Ananas Anam) made from the leaves of the pineapple plant, a waste product of the food industry that does not use any additional land or water to grow, while also saving carbon emissions by preventing the burning of agricultural waste. Making use of the existing waste of the pineapple harvest brings positive social impact by creating new jobs in rural areas of the Philippines as well as Bangladesh and Ivory Coast, providing an additional and diversified income stream for pineapple farming communities.

Anam PALF: Pineapple leaf fibre by Ananas Anam

Cat Footwear gifted several pairs of the durable and water-resistant Cat Footwear x PIÑATEX shoes to one of the communities that Ananas Anam partners with in the Philippines. The Alfonso cooperative is headed by Isaiah and Jayson, two young agriculturists with an enthusiasm for finding value from the waste of the pineapple harvest.

Through collaborations with global brands like Cat Footwear, Ananas Anam is able to sustain these local supply chains and accelerate the positive social impact brought to communities like Alfonso.

To build long-term alternatives to conventional textile value chains, a conscious and sustainable approach to sourcing and utilising fibre crops and agricultural residues will be essential.

The Eco Intruder Shoe and Eco Trespass Boot are made from PIÑATEX Performance and are available in Black, Wild Dove (grey), Bright White, and Moroccan Blue – a custom colour of PIÑATEX created exclusively for Cat Footwear.